The major programs organized by KAGW every year are listed below. The format of these events may vary depending on the creativity of the executive Committee. Click here for Event Videos and Event Photos
 Talent Time
Generally a two (2) day art and literary competition for youth in the Mid-Atlantic region. This program makes it possible for kids in this area to demonstrate their abundant creative and artistic aptitude. The idea is also to foster a sense of belonging and purpose among kids in the community, at a very early age. Hundreds of students participate in this event every year. Counting in the complexity of judging each of the competitions in a fair manner; it is a huge financial and logistical undertaking for KAGW. This event is typically conducted during spring time.
The rich cultural heritage of Kerala comes out in its best form and spirit during the ten day long Onam festival. KAGW Onam event in late August/early September is designed to reminiscence the traditional Onam festival in Kerala. The annual magazine - which reflects the literary talents of community members, is also released during this event. Around 800-1000 families participate in it every year.
Cross Roads
This is a youth event that focuses on leadership development and fun activities. It is an event geared towards instilling a sense of pride and confidence amongst the youth in the community.
KAGW also celebrates each year, along with malayali Muslim community. Various programs are conducted to celebrate the pious occasion along with sumptuous dinner. About 90% of the total Malayali Muslim population in the area typically participate in this event.
Keralites celebrate Christmas with all the festivities, including carols, feasts, and gift giving, along with the prayers and wishes. KAGW Christmas event in December includes variety entertainment programs, various competitions for all age groups and a sumptuous dinner. Around 200-300 families participate in this event every year.
Malayalam classes
This class is a crash course in Malayalam where students are introduced to the language, alphabets, frequently used words, as well as the culture and traditions of Kerala. The primary objective of this course is to help students communicate in Malayalam. The classes are conducted every week at a convenient location within the Washington DC metro area.

Apart from these major events, KAGW organizes meet and greet sessions with famous personalities, cultural workshops, family fun nights and professional/personality/leadership development workshops. Sports events, annual picnics and fishing trips add an element of excitement to the activities. Charity initiatives like community blood drive, Adopt a road program, SOME (So Others Might Eat), SAMAR (South Asian Marrow Association of Recruiters), Soup Kitchens for shelter-less are some ways that KAGW members give back to the community.

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