Women’s Club

This year the mission of KAGW Women's club will be to host activities for the women of our community that are informative and fun keeping in mind the 3T vision statement of 2014 - “Togetherness”, “Teamwork” and “Towards perfection”.  
The 2014 main women’s club activities will be geared towards betterment of health, fitness, creativity and contributing to a needy cause. We also hope our platform will pave way to other networking and socializing activities throughout the year making it a memorable year!
Questions/Concerns?? Please write to us at womensclub@kagw.com. We welcome your comments and suggestions. 

Team Womens Club womensclub@kagw.com

KAGW-Team 2017

Sunanda Raghu

KAGW-Team 2017

Sunu Baiju

KAGW-Team 2017

Neethu Gopan

KAGW-Team 2016

Reena Philip

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