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Eid Cooking Competition

Biriyani (Without Rice Grains)

Traditionally, “Biriyani” is and has been the main comfort dish for special events in India, especially Eid for centuries.
In alignment with that, the theme of 2019 KAGW Kaipunyam Eid Cooking Competition is Biriyani.
However, there will be a creative twist:
Participants must make this delicious dish without rice grains. They can substitute anything over rice grains, such as rice noodles, poha (aval). It is not limited to the usage of any form of carb -- processed or other grains, which can also be rice substitutes.
But ultimately it still maintains the authentic taste of what qualifies as a biriyani!
Event Date June 08, 2019
Event Location Cabin John Middle School
Event Time
3:00 PM - 3:45 PM
(Every contestant has to report to the front desk by 3)
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#1 Biriyani has to be cooked without rice grains. Participants can use any grains other than rice. Rice substitutes or any other form of carbs are allowed.
#2 Biriyani may be vegetarian or non-vegetarian, but it MUST be savory. Only one dish qualifies for judging, though accompaniments may be added as decor.
#3 Participants must bring all display plates and table decors. Three small servings must be kept separate for the judges and bring quantity at discretion for the audience to taste.
#4 Participants must have the dish name and recipe displayed on the presentation table.
#5 Participants will be given 15 minutes to present the dish and decorate the table. There will be no heating appliances allowed in school. KAGW will provide tasting cups, spoon, forks and plain table cloth.
#6 Your dish will be judged for Taste, Innovation/Creativity, Compliance to the theme, Neatness, Presentation of the plate, and Workplace.
#7 One can enter the competition either individually or as a team of two. No team can have more than two people. Every participant must be above the age of 15.
If you have any questions, or need clarifications, please contact womensclub@kagw.com, or call Femina Amoo at 301-250-8911.
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