We live in an area with a fast growing Indian community and this comes with its own set of challenges. People in different phases of their life and different circumstances need different kinds of support. Finding an organization that they can reach out to in times of need is often not that easy.

New community members might need help as they establish themselves. It might be in the form of resources or social connections. Moving to a new country surrounded by strangers and an alien culture, far away from the support of their families can be stressful. This is the story of most expats and there is a need for support to help navigate these difficulties.

Another challenging social situation can arise when our self-reliant and independent lives take a troublesome turn following serious illness. Even little things like driving to a clinic suddenly become herculean tasks and there is a need for help.

KAGW Cares hopes to cater to the malayali community under varying circumstances. KAGW Cares can be the missing social link that can connect you to appropriate resources, and provide relevant support. We can be reached through social media, email and phone..

KAGW Cares aims to be the caring hand of our DMV malayali community, bringing relief and smiles to the lives of our community members.

Sign up to Volunteer: https://forms.gle/sxBFNgDT9e6HzeuN9

Do you need help? 

Call KAGW Cares @ 240 780 8001 or email kagwcares@kagw.com