Why Join KAGW?

Kerala Association of Greater Washington (KAGW) founded in 1975 is the prominent organization for Malayalee’s (Malayalam speaking people or the people from the South Indian state of Kerala) in Washington metro area serving for more than 40 years.

KAGW provides a forum for its members to meet and exchange views and to foster a spirit of friendship, goodwill, and understanding. The primary and distinguishing purpose of a cultural heritage organization like KAGW is to bind the community together by promoting and preserving its identity, traditions, and values.

It is easy to join KAGW

To join the KAGW Family, send an email to membership@kagw.com or by clicking on the link below:


Register or Renewal of Membership:

There are two types of membership:
  • Annual: The membership shall be renewed on an annual basis by paying a small fee.
  • Lifetime: This is an option for individuals or families who wish to affirm their timeless support to the community
Membership Prices: Annual:
  • $20 for an Individual
  • $25 for a Family
Lifetime membership:
  • $250


  • Bring the families together to connect and network through a variety of different events throughout the year like Onam, Eid, Christmas, Picnic etc.
  • Our members have the opportunity to introduce their kids, in a fun and informal way, to the culture of India through the various cultural events throughout the year like Talent Time.
  • Organizes philanthropic events that allow not only adults but also kids to get involved in giving back to the community like Road Cleaning event, DC Kitchen for homeless etc.
  • Youth programs for building leadership qualities, confidence and educational related activities.

Follow Us:

You could also follow us for the latest news and upcoming activities by visiting the following pages:

Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/kagwusa/
Twitter page at https://twitter.com/keralaagw