The Kerala Association of Greater Washington starts every year by spending the first Saturday of the year preparing meals for the homeless at the DC Soup Kitchen. It is a great opportunity for our community and youngsters to engage in meaningful activities by helping those who are less fortunate.

On Saturday, January 4th KAGW volunteered at the DC Central Kitchen. Nearly 70 + volunteers from the KAGW community came together to do our part to end hunger in our neighborhoods.

The community service was done in collaboration with HACSI. Volunteers prepared well-balanced vegetarian food that included rice, rajma, salad and cereal which were all packed into trays for distribution to the various homeless shelters in the DMV area. Many of the participants were student volunteers, who enjoyed being at the DC Kitchen and earned SSL hours for their volunteering activities.

In addition to volunteering their time and effort with support from the community, KAGW made a generous donation to DC Central Kitchen. Thanks to all the volunteers who donated for this worthy cause. It was a great start for KAGW activities in 2020 and a proud moment for our community.