Our Approach & Program Administration

Thangum Thanalum program will be directly managed by a Coordinator designated by the KAGW Executive Committee.


Thangum Thanalum program is directly managed by a Coordinator designated by the KAGW Executive Committee and it is supported by the Thangum Thanalum team.


The program is administered on the ground in Kerala through one or more partner organizations, which are known and reputable, with proven track record in health and humanitarian services.


A partner organization under this program should be approved by the KAGW Executive Committee and their performance will be evaluated on an annual basis. They are also required to execute a Memorandum of Understanding with KAGW, which will outline the roles and responsibilities of each party as well as the terms and conditions associated with the program and its administration.


It is expected that the partner organization is not explicitly affiliated or linked to any political party or religious organization and that it is involved in activities that serve all segments of the population.

To properly channelize our limited resources and funds, the number of partner organizations will be limited to three or less, but KAGW may consider adding more partners once the program matures.


End beneficiaries of the program are identified based on specific criteria of the partner organizations. However, in selection of the partner organizations, KAGW ensures that financial criteria is the primary consideration for the identification of beneficiaries. Anybody who cannot meet the treatment expenses for themselves or for their dependents, while maintaining the minimum quality of life, are supported through this program. When a child is unable to continue his/her studies due to the financial difficulties caused by on-going cancer care for that child or for another member of that family, this program will offer funding for education of that child.