Why Thangum Thanalum?


According to an article published in a medical journal by the Lancet group, cancer incidence in Kerala has been steadily increasing and it has taken a deep toll on the physical, financial and mental well being of the Kerala society. It is everybody’s worst nightmare but many of us have seen it and felt it in close quarters in real life.


The high cost of procedures and long-term treatment plans often financially ruin low- and middle-income families. Those who are dependent on government assistance often find it difficult to get the treatment that they need while making the two ends meet.


The uncertainty that creeps into the lives of cancer patients, especially the young ones, is life changing as their lives are suddenly turned upside down. They have to stop attending school and their once promising futures will suddenly turn bleak and blank.


Born out of an innate calling to give back to the community, KAGW launched a long-term initiative, ‘Thangum Thanalum’ in 2018 to assist individuals affected by cancer and their families in Kerala, to meet the expenses of their treatment and education of their children.